WashingtonExec – Interview With Gino Antonelli, COO Of New Company Spear, Inc. -Five Months In

June 27, 2012

WashingtonExec recently interviewed the COO of Spear, Inc. Gino Antonelli.

Spear, Inc. is a professional services company founded in February 2012. We asked Antonelli how the last couple months have been treating him, as well as where he plans to take Spear, Inc. over the next year and beyond.

Focusing on Spear, Inc.’s core capabilities, Antonelli discussed the ins and outs of big data as well as how Spear, Inc. plans to serve its customers effectively and efficiently with the current government motto of “do more with less.”

Gino AntonelliWashingtonExec: Please tell us a little bit about your background and what led you to becoming an entrepreneur in federal contracting.

Gino Antonelli: In a transient city like D.C. it is rare to find a native Washingtonian. I was born in D.C. and am very fortunate to have my family all living in the D.C. Metro area. We get together often and we are very close. My wife and two incredible children give me purpose and motivation.

My orientation into the federal government IT contracting industry began during my final semester at the University of Maryland. I did an internship with a local federal information technology contractor. I was offered and accepted a full time job upon graduation. I have spent my entire career building businesses that were exclusively focused on the Federal IT marketplace. I have held different professional roles throughout the 25 years in business. I decided that it was time to take those experiences, as well as the professional experiences of my business partners and build something of lasting value.

WashingtonExec: What do you think will be your company’ biggest challenge over the next couple years?

Gino Antonelli: Our challenges will be no different than the challenges of all newly established business ventures. We will have to be disciplined in carefully balancing expected business growth with required investment dollars. However, I’m confident that we have the right team assembled to overcome these challenges.

WashingtonExec: Where do you hope to see Spear, Inc. in the next three years?

Gino Antonelli: When people hear the company name “Spear, Inc” I want them to think: Spear, Inc. is a respected small business that has earned a reputation for extraordinary performance through the delivery of highly qualified information technology and management consulting professionals.

I then hope that Spear, Inc. will be recognized in the marketplace based on its performance in local publications and lists, such as “Fastest Growing,” “Best Place To Work,” and so on.

WashingtonExec: How would you sum up Spear, Inc.’s mission in ten words or less?

Gino Antonelli: Cost take out solution delivery for our government customers.

WashingtonExec: When is it time to switch companies, become an entrepreneur, or choose a new career path?

Gino Antonelli: My “almost never fail” rule is always go with your instincts, your gut…be courageous, create, change and manage your career.

WashingtonExec: Why do you think the demand for big data technology has accelerated in the federal government?

Gino Antonelli: The amount of structured and unstructured data has grown to dramatic proportions over the past several years. With the ongoing adoption of cloud computing, social media and increased capabilities of data gathering sensors, the demand for big data technology has accelerated. The government has always been the largest harvester of data however the new volume of data, especially unstructured data, has driven the need for processing, storage and analytic tools that have not existed in the past. We will help convert data into meaningful information.

WashingtonExec: How is big data a continuation of the current government motto of “do more with less”?

Gino Antonelli: The incredible amount of big data the government is perpetually collecting and inventorying can be filtered, correlated and computed through today’s analytic tools, increasing the speed and effectiveness of the government’s interpretation of data and ability to make incredibly important decisions. This speed and effectiveness translates to improved visibility of financial fraud, increased identification of security threats, improved law enforcement, improved health records management and billing and stronger war fighter support. All of these improvements and efficiencies translate to less spending.

WashingtonExec: Big data can be used across all industries…what sectors do you plan on delivering big data to?

Gino Antonelli: We intend to deliver data technology solutions in the form of processing management, storage and data analytics to components of the Department of Defense, Department of Justice, Federal and DoD Healthcare related organizations and the Intelligence Community.

WashingtonExec: What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Gino Antonelli: Nothing is impossible if you have confidence in yourself.

WashingtonExec: What is something most people might not know about you?

Gino Antonelli: My family has owned for many generations a small olive farm in Italy.

WashingtonExec: What was your first job?

Gino Antonelli: Construction laborer – The boss’s son – tough gig! Seriously!

WashingtonExec: Who was an influential boss or mentor to you and what lessons did they teach you about management and leadership?

Gino Antonelli: My father, an entrepreneur, was without question, my most influential life and professional mentor. The way he led his employees and managed his businesses through his extraordinary hard work gave me real life examples of how to earn the respect of employees, business partners, competitors and customers. My father built his businesses utilizing the simple business principals of hard work, fairness, honor and incredible business ethics. These are all traits I have tried to match throughout my career and intend to carry forward in our newly formed company.